We acknowledge that this photo is misleading. Sadly, Lucky is not a professional Hula-Hooper. She is, however, a professional motorbike chaser and squeaky toy eater.

Please use the chart below to find the perfect fit for your dog. 

For the length, please measure from your dog's collar line to start of tail. 

For the torso, measure the widest part of your dog.  This is around their chest from behind their front legs up to their spine. 

If you are confused in any way please pop us a mail at and we'll help you out. 

XXS 34cm 27cm - 33cm
XS (LONG) 37cm 33cm - 39cm
XS (SHORT) 30cm 33cm - 39cm
SMALL 40cm 39cm - 45cm
MEDIUM 43cm 45cm - 51cm
LARGE 47cm 51cm - 57cm
XL 54cm 57cm - 63cm
XXL 62cm 63cm - 69cm
XXXL 70cm 75cm - 81cm